Studio Due Turbo Colour

Studio Due Turbo Colour


Designed to obtain the maximum performance with a minimal amount of space, the new TURBO-COLOR it’s the most powerful and efficient LED Lighting fixture you can find within the single head category.

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Designed to obtain the maximum performance with a minimal amount of space. The TURBO-COLOR is one of the most powerful and efficient LED Lighting fixtures you can find. Using 60 high powerful LEDs RGBW combined with an effective fan system. The key feature of the fixture is the incredible performance of the optics. The innovative optic system generates a rectangular and uniform light projection. The product is suitable for applications where a tremendous light output is required.

The T-COLOR RGBW is particularly adapt for permanent installations and easily for temporarily events.

Studio Due Turbo Colour


Weight18 kg

2x Quick Trigger Clamp, 1x Safety Bond


Studio Due