Storm Launches the Storm Ltd App

Storm Launches the Storm Ltd App

Today, Storm Ltd are very excited to announce the launch of the Storm Ltd App. An app that features a comprehensive rental catalogue with detailed information about each product including; Specifications, Accessories and direct access to Manuals, Datasheets and DMX Charts. The Storm app also includes key utilities used by many freelancers whilst working on productions. Including; DIP Switch Calculator, IP Ratings, Electrical Calculator, 3 Phase Information, Audio Delay Calculator along with many more utilities.

The Storm App has been designed to give users quick and easy access to product information and easy access to on-site utilities to help technicians. The Storm app reduces time spent finding documents and having multiple apps installed. All whilst enabling greater productivity across departments.

Storm Ltd wanted to provide an app that was accessible to all users within the entertainment industry. It was built with both established designers, technicians and crew. As well as those just starting out in the industry in mind througout the development process.

Storm Ltd’s Rental Manager, James says, “Our new app really does offer a new way to interact with us as a business. Giving users 24/7 access, anywhere in the world, regardless of whether the client has internet access or not is a brilliant feature. I know plenty of times I’ve needed to look at a manual or DMX chart, then had to spend the next 10 minutes looking for it either online or in the production drawes. This way, they’re already in your hand without any effort at all.”

He continues, “Adding the most popular utilities used by freelancers whilst they are working on site was another key feature we wanted to include. This makes our app a universal support tool for any designer or technician. Regardless of what project they are working on. We wanted to be able to offer a tool that can be a benefit to the whole industry. From established designers and technicians and to those just starting out. I really do think our app does just that.”

How To Get Our App

The Storm App is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store from 16th June 2021.

For more information on the Storm App, including detailed app functions and how to enter our launch competition visit our dedicated micro-site:

Litepanels Sola 6+ Fresnel In Stock

Litepanels Sola 6+ Fresnel In Stock

Following on from our recent investment in the Astra 1×1 6X Bi-Color panel from Litepanels, we have continued our investment by adding the Sola 6+ Daylight Fresnel to our rental inventory. The daylight-balanced Sola 6+ provides the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light. With the advantages of LED technology including DMX-controllability. The Sola 6+ draws a small fraction of the power of conventional Fresnel fixtures. As well as now being 50% brighter than the previous version. Like the rest of the Sola Series, it provides Litepanels’ famous full-spectrum quality light.

For full product information and to enquire about this product, please visit the full product page.

Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Color In Stock

Litepanels Astra 6X Bi-Color In Stock

Storm are pleased to welcome Litepanels fixtures into our rental inventory. We have recently added the Astra 1×1 6X Bi-Color panel to our constantly expanding range of rental equipment. The Astra 6X Bi-Color is a proven industry workhorse and trusted to deliver exceptional, consistent high-quality light. All in a lightweight, tough and dependable fixture. Bright enough to compete with the midday sun, light enough to hand hold and compact enough to fit into tight spaces. The versatility of Astra makes it the number one choice for DoPs, lighting camera operators and studio lighting designers everywhere.

For full information about the Astra 6X or to request a quote for your next project, visit the full product page.

Knight’s Kingdom Castle

Knight’s Kingdom Castle

Storm were delighted to be asked to design, supply & install a comprehensive new lighting system for the Knight’s Kingdom Castle at Legoland, Windsor. The team at Legoland wanted to ensure that the Castle was given the wow factor it deserve’s. As one of the most impressive structures within the park. It was essential that the fixtures selected for the installation would blend well with the architecture of the castle.

It was also key that the fixtures would withstand the elements and require minimal maintenance throughout the year. Storm provided a system that was capable of being truly dynamic. A system that could be used for any occasion throughout the year from Easter, Halloween to Christmas.

Storm made sure that the newly installed Knights Kingdom Castle lighting was ready for Legoland‘s Halloween special event, Brick or Treat in October. Brick or Treat was the first time guests were able to explore the Knights Kingdom with its brand new look. The control system allows for the lighting to be fully automated. Running sequences at set times or other trigger events. Another benefit of the control system is the system can also be updated remotely giving full flexibility to the team at Legoland.

The upgraded lighting system gives a whole new dynamic to the Knights Kingdom Castle. It offers the opportunity to do more exciting events throughout the year within the Castle grounds.

For more information about installation & sales please contact our team here to discuss your project.

Storm Receives Lifeline Grant

Storm Receives Lifeline Grant

Storm Ltd has been awarded a Grant  as part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund (CRF) to help face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure they have a sustainable future, the Culture Secretary has announced today.

Storm Ltd is one of 1,385 cultural and creative organisations across the country receiving urgently needed support. The £257 million of investment has been announced today. As part of the very first round of the Culture Recovery Fund grants programme being administered by Arts Council England. Further rounds of funding in the cultural and heritage sector are due to be announced over the coming weeks.

Storm Ltd have been an important part of the Creative supply chain for 25 years. This lifeline will enable the servicing of existing immovable Running costs. This aid is a huge help to the continuation of Storm as a Company of which we are truly thankful. It will go a long way to ensure survival of our company. Including our ability to assist with the rebuilding of work within the creative industry.

Culture creates jobs, supports livelihoods, and brings joy to everyone. The UK leads the world in the creative industries and we can all feel pride in that. 

Now, in these challenging times, it’s our turn to show our support for culture. With an unprecedented investment through the £1.57bn Cultural Recovery Fund. The government is #HereForCulture so it can weather the storm of coronavirus and come back stronger. 

And we are #HereForCulture too. 

#HereForCulture is a movement that unites the public, government and cultural organisations in support of our fantastic cinemas, theatres, music venues, museums, galleries and heritage. 

We want people to make sure that where they are able to visit local culture venues in their communities, they do so in a covid secure way. Plus, with more and more culture being curated online, there is no better time to support and enjoy all the new and exciting ways culture is available to us. 

By being #HereForCulture, we aren’t just supporting the people in the industry, we’re also supporting communities across the country.



#LightItInRed is a UK based direct action lighting protest that is scheduled to take place on the night of Monday 6th July 2020 to draw attention to the critical condition of the UK live event and entertainment industry and its need for special government support to see it through to re-starting.

Since early March, the events industry has been mostly without work. All kinds of major events are currently prohibited due to the COVID-19 crisis. Corporate events, conferences, concerts, festivals, weddings, trade shows and theatrical performances are no longer able to go ahead. This is leaving an entire industry dormant, with over twenty-five thousand businesses and over half a million workers throughout the UK directly suffering the ill effects.

About #LightItInRed

Companies from all across the events industry, as well as event locations, (event centres, convention centres, conference hotels, theatres, concert halls, playhouses and nightclubs) throughout the UK are invited to join together on the night of the 6th of July 2020. By lighting their buildings, or buildings in their region, red in order to draw attention to the dramatic situation in the event industry we can make a statement that can’t be ignored. We were the first ones out, and will be the last ones back in.

The #LightItInRed’s campaign goal is to have a conversation with politicians and the government about how the billion-pound events industry can be saved from a massive wave of insolvency and how the preservation of over half a million jobs can be ensured. The events industry is a complex industry made up of many different trades and disciplines. For this reason, the events industry as a whole has no central lobby. Our action is aimed at the general public to draw attention to the dramatic situation of the event. In order to do this we need a large scale campaign that takes place all across the UK and has an extensive media reach. For all those involved in this event the action is to simultaneously light buildings and structures across the nation. The selected buildings and structures will be illuminated in red on the night of the 6th of July 2020. Images and videos of the illuminated buildings and structures can be uploaded and posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #LightItInRed – so that anyone interested can look at the nationwide installations online and support the movement.​

The events industry urgently needs a bailout until the markets returns, including:​

1. Grants made available to businesses in the events supply chain
2. Furlough scheme extended until the industry is back to work
3. Extension of the self-employment scheme, tailored towards the industry

​Inspired by Germany’s #NightOfLight, Germany have recognised their events industry, now it is time for our government to do the same before it is too late!

Visit for more information. To see the buildings involved, just search #LightItInRed on any social media platform

Watch the #WeMakeEvents Video

Vari*Lite VL2600 Arrives At Storm

Vari*Lite VL2600 Arrives At Storm
VariLite VL2600 Profile Available for Hire

The new Philips Vari*Lite VL2600 range of LED moving head luminaries from Philips Entertainment Lighting has been designed as a smaller, brighter and lighter LED alternative to the popular VL2500 Spot and Wash moving heads. The long-time industry favourites in mid-sized professional show lighting applications.

The Philips Vari*Lite VL2600 range combines world-leading LED light source engineering with the renowned quality, colour palette and performance of the Philips Vari-Lite brand. In terms of light quality, output power, reliability and cost. The 3 fixtures in the VL2600 range are simply the highest performing luminaires. As well as the most attractive investment proposition in their class.

Having listened to the wishes of customers worldwide. Philips Entertainment Lighting has exceeded the output of the Philips Vari*Lite VL2500. Whilst also expanding the available package and its potential applications with the addition of a dedicated Profile fixture. Plus the added advantage of a beam-shaping system within the Wash fixture. At the same time, the compact form factor has been retained.

The Profile offers an updated, more saturated, but still familiar Philips Vari*Lite CMY colour mixing system with variable CTO colour correction, high-colour temperature (7200 K) output, a class-leading wide zoom range (7-48˚) and a flat and even field of light at any beam angle. And, of course, it delivers all the effects and features that users expect of the Philips Vari-Lite brand.

In designing the VL2600, Philips Entertainment Lighting has prioritized the twin goals of top-class performance and cost-effective ownership. By far the brightest in its class, the Vari*Lite VL2600 range is tough and reliable, compact and lightweight, easy to service and maintain thanks to its shared parts, and built to withstand the rigours of a touring environment. Making the VL2600 the most attractive new proposition for those in television, professional theatre, corporate events and concert touring applications.

Storm’s Rental Manager, James, adds “The VL2600 Profile is a brilliant new addition to our rental fleet of moving lights. The unit packs a huge number of features whilst maintaining the quality light output and effects you expect from Vari-Lite. It also gives a major boost to our ongoing comitment towards LED fixtures. The fixtures have already proved popular with a number of our clients and dry hire rental partners.”

View More information about the VL2600 Profile here and request a quote using our myQuote system.

The Aura Effect Now Available

The Aura Effect Now Available
Martin Mac Aura XB Now Available

Storm are pleased to announce we have recently invested in the Martin MAC Aura XB wash moving light. The Aura XB is a household name within the industry. With our continued commitment to investing in LED and new technology the Aura XB was an obvious choice. The fixtures are now in stock and available for rental immediately. Please get in touch with our hire department for more details here

The MAC Aura XB takes an award-winning, innovative, compact LED wash light to the next level, incorporating many new features first introduced with the MAC Quantum Wash™. Not only does the MAC Aura XB offer additional brightness, it also features a new superior color mixing system and an optimised lens design for tighter beams and more even washes. Martin‘s unique and patented Eye-candy Aura Effect™ is also part of the package.

  • Super bright single lens wash with fully premixed color
  • Compact design and low weight
  • High efficiency, low power consumption, long service life